Three smiling individuals casually dressed in an automotive setting. Individual on far left has thumbs in approval.

Germain Event Attendee:

"While observing team members as they arrived, I noticed a common theme of positivity, high-energy, and kindness."

Four Individuals standing in a casual environment conversing

... As a Veteran in both corporate and small business leadership, I was blown away by the consistency of what I saw that day at Germain

Two individuals posed in front of memorabilia including such items as portrait and football helmet.

"I asked about the secret sauce.  The feedback I received was very consistent - It was around great leadership, feeling like part of the family and doing the right thing."

We hope that you consider joining our amazing family of associates who make it their mission each and every day to take exceptional care of people. We always hire people who feel compelled to always do the right thing for the customer, and we make it our mission to take great care of those associates that take great care of our customers.

The Germain organization cares about your family and your well-being.



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